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Your curves'sine, being a banquet of kings,
is the most difficult operation of the century.
No integrals, no science can
abolish the inexperience's ban.

The derivation of your hips
on my palm
is definitely NOT
the average of all things.

The algebra and the Pythagorean theorem
are not sufficient
to define
your scent
so fine!

Although your numbers
are only the natural ones,
the cirkle, the ellipse, the parabola,..
You are a resultless created woman,

and your formula is taught
in no school here,
and nowhere

But the addition makes a change:
me plus you is equal to we.
What a challenge!
Oh, let it be! Oh, let it be!

(Translation: Jiří Sláma)

Original text in Czech language you can find here.

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